Wednesday, November 06, 2013

References from Habits of a Responsible Programmer

A list of references from my talk, Habits of a Responsible Programmer at Øredev. First out is the blog post that inspired the talk


Some books about habits and how our brain works in good and not so good ways.


Steve Yegges blog post that made me realize that it is time to learn to touch type along with some tools that can make it fun to learn.

Clear Code

It is worth learning Smalltalk, just to understand the book, Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns.

Programming Techniques

SICP is a classic and it deserves to be read but Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming is just as good if not better.

Read Code

Source code to a number of projects with beautiful code.

  • CloudFoundry - beautiful Ruby code, OS Platform as a Service.
  • Levelup - Node wrapper for the LevelDB key-value store.


A good short article by Marin Fowler on the tradeoffs involved with writing explicit or implicit code.


The book by Fowler is a timeless reference book and it is required reading for anyone serious about programming. Kerievsky's book gives more in depth examples and finally Reg's blog post discusses reasons for not refactoring just to please your own ego.

Simple vs. Easy

Great talk!


I like Sandi Metz way of explaining why testing is important.


Documentation matters, but keep it simple.


The original is no longer available, but the videos are uploaded to You Tube.


Generating Code

Tools for generation code. Here documents are the simplest possible way, but if you want to generate multiple files it is better to use Thor or Yo.


The ultimate book on continuous delivery, a must read for anyone interested in automation. And, that should be everyone!


Wonderful book about different people stereotypes.


Two articles on estimation by Martin Fowler and Dan North.

Life, the Universe, and Everything

Books about happiness, the mind, and other things.

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