Saturday, October 03, 2009

Notes on Greg Young's on DDD

I watched Greg Young talk about DDD on InfoQ. Here are my notes on the talk.

  • Only use domain driven design on appropriate projects. Most projects are not suitable.
  • Use state transition event streams to communicate between different bounded contexts.
  • Bounded contexts are one of the very keys of domain driven design. The same word may have different meanings in different contexts, and this is OK.
  • Use OO, avoid setters. Objects have behaviors, not shapes.
  • If you always have valid objects, you avoid the problem of having to check if an object is valid all the time. IsValid is not the solution.
  • Always use the domain experts and end-users language.
  • Separating commands from queries gives the benefit of eventually consistent, queries may read from a different place than the commands.
  • Coupling is not a problem, if it's in the same layer.
  • Model the view, such as screens, as reports, with no transactional behavior.
  • Explicit state transitions remove the need for auditing. They are the audit.

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