Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Notes on seven habits of highly effective people

To be rather than to seem.

This quote illustrates the importance of self-reflection. What others think matter little if you know.

Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence

The circle of concern are things that affect you but that you can do nothing about, such as the weather, stock market, etc. The circle of influence is things that affect you, that you can do something about. Don’t worry about the first kind.

Important or Urgent

What is important to most people, family, friends, etc., is often neglected because urgent matters take their place. Make up you mind on what is important to you and make sure that matters that are less important, however urgent, don’t let you neglect them.

Organize Weekly

A smaller time period will force you to only prioritize crisis. The week is a time period that is large enough to give you time for all important things, yet small enough, to give a sense of perspective for what the big things are.


Windy said...

No, do something about whatever is in your mindset right now, however relevant. Just saying "This isn't important, I will neglect it" won't crank it, not if it is eating your attention. Get an umbrella, NOW you can ignore the weather.
I like the one week plans.

Anders Janmyr said...

Windy: But to worry about tomorrow's weather would not be useful, since you cannot do anything about that.