Thursday, April 16, 2009

Developer Summit 2009, day 2

A Technical Drilldown into “All Things M” by Brian Loesgen

M is a new modelling language that allows you to create domain specific languages or DSLs.

M today consists of three parts
  • MSchema is a language for defining domain models.
  • MGrammar is the language for defining DSLs.
  • MGraph a data graph consumed by a runtime.

IntellliPad is an editor that understands MSchema and MGrammar. It allows you to define schemas and grammars and view them as graphs. The editor grammar is defined in itself. It seems to be very cool.

The specifications are open and it is possible to implement them for other platforms.

RESTful Enterprise Integration with Atom and AtomPub by Ian Robinson

Atom is the specification of the format.

AtomPub is an application protocol for editing Web resources using HTTP transfer of atom-formatted representation.

Ian demonstrated RESTBucks application that used an event-driven architecture that communicated via rest. Out of three different implementation options, point-to-point, bus and having the consumer pull the events the latter was chosen.

The product management system published the service by publishing an Atom feed. The client the pulls this feed to get the updates. The feed represents an event-stream. The feed contains a link to a previous feed-archive and the archive is immutable and therefore cacheable. An atom-entry represents an event.

Leonard Richardsson’s Web Service Maturity Heuristics

  • Divide and conquer to spread complexity around with URIs.
  • Do the same things in the same way to reduce complexity with uniform interface.
  • Describe special behavior in a standrad way to make complexity learnable with hypermedia.

Taylorism och massproduktion by Marcus Ahnve

In the past man has been first; in the future systems must be first.

Taylor wrote a book about principles of how to get more work done. This was done by having management define the work to be done and then someone else has to do it.

Look out for:

  • Division of labor
  • Best Practice
  • Standardized work
  • Grouping of skills

Leaderful Moves for Managing Team Promises by Deborah Hartmann Preuss

What does your team really care about? Do you know? Do they?

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