Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Notes on 'Secrets of Successful Speakers'

Notes on Secrets of Successful Speakers
by Lilly Walters.

Effective Communication

To be able to communicate effectively with your audience you need to have a clear message.
People will typically forget 90% of what you have said after one week. What are those 10%?

Decide what the purpose of your speach is. Write it down in one sentence. It should be:

  • Precise
  • Measurable
  • Reasonable
  • Relevant to your audience
  • Obtainable within your time limit

Don’t talk about something you are not passionate about.

Know and care about your audience:

  • Are they positive or negative?
  • What do they want?
  • Are they analytical, relational, dominating, expressive?

Developing the Presentation

  • Pick a simple easily remembered theme; one central idea.
  • Only use three to four main points. Every point should be relveant, independent and advantageous.
  • Create your own material.
  • Find a suitable structure: Story, Problem-Solution, Analogy, Acronyms.
  • What, Where, When, How, Why and Who?
  • Edit without mercy. No one ever complains that a speach is too short.
  • Give it a good title.

The Presentation

  • Attention: Be silent, look at the audience, joke, surprise.
  • Convince: Ethos, make them like you. Pathos, make them laugh or cry. Logos, substantiate your position.
  • Remember: Repeat
  • Practice

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