Friday, March 07, 2008

Summary of "Tog on Maximizing Human Performance"

Summary of Tog on Maximizing Human Performance with additional conclusions.

Prefer the human model to the machine model:

  • Eliminate as much as possible through calculations or guesses.
  • Prefer the human model to the machine model, compare two faucets, a good one lets the user control flow with one control and temperature with another.

Decrease Data Entry

  • Limit decision making.
    • Limit required information.
  • Provide the user with the needed information.
    • Pop up help information.
    • Find the information automatically if possible.
  • Communicate high probability answers.
    • Present choices so the odds become clear.
  • Hide obscure information under an advanced tab.

Limit percieved wait

  • Do calculations in the background.
    • Get the needed information first.
    • Start the background task while the user enters other information.
  • Pop up something relevant for the user to read if the wait is inevitable.
  • Mark lengthy operations early in the design process.

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