Thursday, September 21, 2006

Textile Quick Reference

I started using Textile and Enscript for blogging but found no quick reference for textile so I wrote one.
h1. H1
h6. H6
bq. blockquote
[1] footnote ref
fn1. footnote def
_word_ em
*word* strong
??word?? cite
@word@ code
-word- deletion (strike-through)
+word+ insertion (understrike)
^word^ superscipt
~word~ subscript
p<. align left
p>. align right
p=. align center
p<>. align justified
* bulleted list ( may be nested * *)
# numbered list ( may be nested # #)
"Google": Link to named Google
"Google":alias Link to alias named Google
[alias] Alias definition of alias
!image! Image
!image!:http:// Image with link
!>image! Image aligned right
CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) acronym

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